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Graffiti Font - Caramel

by MindGem


The idea for this products is that you can create your own graffiti designs and post them on your website, blog or social network and amaze your friends!

The letters are approximately 130px wide, 215px high in 72dpi.
The letters are separate items and flattened within themselves.
The letters are optimized for WEB publications, NOT prints.

The file format is PSD.
Adobe Photoshop IS required!

Watch a Video Tutorial.

License Agreement

Only for personal use, Not commercial use.

Please note that these font packs are NOT compatible with The Graffiti Creator application. Those are two completely separate things. This is a stand-alone font.

If you need a customized, high resolution logotype for commercial use
check out my design service at www.CustomGraffiti.Net instead.