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The Graffiti Creator - Chrome5

by MindGem


The Graffiti Creator is a stand-alone executable application for PC.
Just type in a text and get a graffiti version of that, further modify your text with a number of tools and colors.

User Agreement.

What you Can do!
You’re free to create any number of designs
for an unlimited time. You’re free to print or publish
your designs for personal use as long as it’s within
the Publication Terms of Use.

What you Can’t do!
You’re not allowed to sell, rent, loan or lease any design for any purpose.
You’re not allowed to print or publish a design for commercial use.
You’re not allowed to make this application or any content of it available to a third party.

Publication Terms of Use.
The graphics you produce can’t be printed or published in association with any name brand,
illegal drugs, illegal events, illegal sex, in promotion for any product or service.

If you have questions about this contract or publication issues, please contact us at mindgem@gmail.com