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Graffiti Font - Salmiak

by MindGem


The idea for this products is that you can create your own graffiti designs. Save them and post them on your website, blog or social network and amaze your friends!

This product is optimized for the web, Not print.
All letters are separated with transparent background.

Move around the letters to create your own words. SHIFT-Click to duplicate letters.

The letters are approximately 130px wide, 215px high in 72dpi.
The letters are separated and flattened within themselves. The color scheme is static.

The file format is PSD. Adobe Photoshop is required to open the file. This is Bitmap graphics.

Your designs can be used for Personal use only.
Not commercial use.
(for commercial designs, see http://www.customgraffiti.net )

See a quick video on how to make your own graffiti

Read the full License Agreement here